Milo , Spring 1996-02/12/09


Milo was a beautiful male Orange Tabby. In the spring of 1996 our neighbor found this orange kitten in her yard and asked my son if we wanted to take it. He was so small and helpless I could not say no. He was covered in fleas, and we spent the rest of the day trying to get rid of the poor guy’s fleas. Later we took him to the vet for shots and to get him "fixed". He was a sweet little kitten and grew up fast. When he was about 1 year old, I found him on the side yard and brought him in the house, but he could not walk. It was a Sunday, so we had to take him to the local emergency vet. It turned out that he had broken his pelvis in three places. Long story short, our normal vet did the best he could to fix the fractures. I took Milo home for a lengthy healing process. One afternoon while lying on the bed, I went to get up but Milo grabbed my hand and did not let me go. It was at that moment that I knew I had a special best friend. Milo did heal, but he had to almost stand straight up to poop, but he did it without any complaints.   Years later after my Dad passed away, Milo would come into my bed in the evening and nuzzle the back of my neck and lay on my back and purr. In mid January of 2009 I noticed that Milo was straining more than normal to poop, and was often unproductive. The Vet gave Milo two enemas, but found 3 masses at his intestines. The vet was able to remove one mass but the other two were not removable. A biopsy returned the worst possible news, Milo had lymphoma. The Vet told me that he did not have much time to live. Milo did somewhat OK for about 10 days, but then he could not poop again, even though I gave him everything the Vet said to make him poop. The cancer was blocking his bowels. I was hoping Milo would get better, but his personality told me different. However on Sunday Feb. 08, Milo went into the drier and purred on my clothes for one last time. The following days Milo was getting worse and worse. I did what I could to make him comfortable, and gave him pain medication when I thought he needed it. I was hoping he would pass away in his sleep, but it did not happen. I finally knew that the best thing I could do for him was put him to sleep. Milo never complained during his illness, but his personality changed. He could not get comfortable, and looked at me as if to say, help me daddy. So on Feb. 12th, I made the heartbreaking decision to end my best friends suffering at the local Humane Society. They gave my buddy a shot that made him go to sleep. When he went to sleep, he finally relaxed and his smile returned. I held him for what seemed forever as they gave him the shot that stopped his little heart. I cried like a baby. I took my best friend to be cremated, and his ashes are on the fireplace mantle, with a placard that says " Milo , My best friend." And the made a clay paw-print of his right front paw. It has been 26 days since he has been gone, and it still hurts like the first day. That cat loved me and I loved him! Run cancer free with a good pelvis Milo, have lots of Tuna! Your Daddy and Mommy cannot wait to see you again!
Love Mommy and Dad