Sadie Lucy Von Munoz-Juvera  
July 30, 1997 - April 6, 2009










Sadie Lucy Von Munoz-Juvera was a Rottweiler in every sense of the word. She was the best dog; she was wonderful, gentle, obedient and a faithful companion!  She was never a BAD DOG; she always listened and was always excellent! She was stoic through her knee replacements , her surgery, her scratched cornea, and her Cancer treatments.  Sadie loved her brother Jack and everyone or anything she met. She loved to go to Starbuck's, loved a ride in the car and adored a W A L K. Sadie was born July 30, 1997. Frank and I were blessed when we saw her at Tom's Farm's almost 12-years ago in Corona. She was there for sale along with her littermates. We immediately fell in love with her. She will always be remembered and is deeply missed .

Judy and Frank